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The download package for Taxonomy EXIM for SP2013 is in development phase...

However the download package for Taxonomy EXIM SP2010 is available for download.

Project Description
Taxonomy EXIM is a project which exports and imports taxonomy data from the termstore.

Detailed Summary

Taxonomy EXIM is a console application which exports Taxonomy data i.e. Groups and Termsets from any termstore and restores in another termstore on any farm.
Currently it supports backup and restores for only Groups and TermSets

Sample Process
Taking backup of the Termstore group

  • Execute the console application in the package (Tm_Console.exe) and make sure you run this application under the credentials of the termstore administrator


  • Choose the option.. in this case ill choose to backup the termstore group.


Enter the parameters asked for and in the Enter Group Path parameter enter an XPath expression which leads to the term group

Viz. For TermGroup: <TermStoreName>/<TermGroup>
For TemSet: <TermStoreName>/<TermGroup>/<TermSet>

  • Enter the path to save the file.



This tool has been tested on Sharepoint 2013, However it may work on Sharepoint 2010 but i havent checked it yet ;)

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